About us

Deccan Dental Plus Inc., has its core mission to deal and supply high quality and cost effective dental products and to provide necessary solutions to the manufacturers and users on a global basis, and to provide a level service that consistently satisfies our customers beyond their expectations.

Deccan Dental Plus Inc., comes from the roots of Deccan Dental Depot (P) Ltd. which was founded in 1975, by Mr. Faiyaz Ali, CDT. As the industry’s most substantial business and one of South India’s largest distributors of dental merchandise, Deccan Dental Depot Pvt. Ltd. offers over thousands of dental products and a wide range of leading dental equipments, instruments, software, technology solutions, and services.

Our mission is to lead select specialty markets in creating value for our customers and growth for our Company through our products, services, technology and relationships. Everything we do is focused on service to our customers. We are reaching our goal of being a trusted advisor and consultant, offering our customers the tools and expertise to run their business in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.

Deccan Dental’s unique values-based culture centers on talented people taking accountability for delivering results. Because our organization revolves around providing a total-package approach to meeting customer needs, we take pride in delivering products and services to our customers and business partners with utmost integrity and in creating partnerships that are meaningful, straightforward and reliable. Our culture is formed by the values we live by each and every day. Our values define our culture.

We deal only in reputable dental products to ensure we maintain the highest standards of reliability and safety that our clients have come to expect of us. Our vast experience and track record has enabled us to deliver innovative, safe, reliable and cost effective products with organizations that equally hold a reputable name in the market.

Deccan Dental endeavor to satisfy the clients by offering them high quality dental products. Through our brand knowledge and overall distinctive proposition we have built a valuable global network of high profile clients. We value the custom of all our existing and seek to similarly satisfy the requirements of all potential customers – that is our number one promise.

Faiyaz Ali, CDT